East Tacoma

East Tacoma is not large and is bound by East 72nd to the south, Pacific Avenue to the east, Portland Avenue to the west, and I-5 to the north.


The East Side is a good place to look for affordable housing.  There is a variety homes here with many homes from the 1940’s and 50’s, and even a few new developments.  It is a neighborhood of numerous cultures, united in making the East Side a great place to live.

The East Side has an abundance of parks. Swan Creek Park is named for the creek that still meanders thru it. Here is where you can find one of Tacoma’s best hiking trails, and mountain bike trails.  And don’t miss McKinley Park,  the second major park in the neighborhood. This 26-acre jewel has three major walking trails! Seven of the acres are dedicated to an off-leash dog park where dogs run free!  The last major landmark  is Stewart Heights Park that features a skate park for all you skate boarders and a massive swimming water park complete with a giant 160-foot slide, a welcome retreat from the summer heat. The indoor facilities are a frequent host to neighborhood council meetings, and you can find plenty of picnic areas and fields for tag football, soccer and baseball.

There area variety of restaurants in East Tacoma.  Stanley and Seaforts is one of the neighborhoods’ oldest and features great steaks and great views of Tacoma’s Downtown and Port,and  for Asian food try Gari of Sushi.

One of the best things about living in East Tacoma is that freeway access and Pierce Transit bus service are well covered here.  If you commute to Seattle, the northernmost Tacoma I-5 exit is Portland Avenue allowing you to skip all traffic backup by the Tacoma Dome.

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