Tacoma is the 3rd largest city in Washington State and has a number of distinctive residential neighborhoods.
This video is a great overview of Tacoma and its Neighborhoods

Living in Tacoma is all about real estate in Tacoma and the small neighborhood districts that it encompasses, including the Proctor District, the Stadium District, North Slope Historic District, Old Town, Sixth Avenue, West End, Downtown Tacoma and Central Tacoma

The North End of Tacoma is where all of Tacoma first began.  After the Transcontinental Railroad established its “end of the line” here, Job Carr came West and settled in Tacoma, building the first house in 1864, in what is now the Old Town neighborhood. He later moved up the hill and bought a huge parcel of land that is now part of  the North Slope Historical District!

North Tacoma is bordered by 6th Avenue to the south, Commencement Bay/Puget Sound to the north, Division Avenue to the east and Pearl Street to the west.  Although streets west of Pearl Street are still considered part of North Tacoma, this area is more often referred to as the West End and the homes there are much newer than those of the North End.

North Tacoma is a bit more affluent than other parts of Tacoma, with real estate prices reflecting that distinction.  Many homes offer views of Commencement Bay, there are plenty of bike lanes, neighborhood parks, cobblestone streets, trees and great places to walk, including Tacoma’s waterfront on Ruston Way.

north end

 Map of the North End of Tacoma

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