Sixth Avenue District

Although Sixth Avenue runs the length of the West and North End of Tacoma, the trendy part of 6th Ave. is in the North End and starts just past the intersection of 6th Avenue and Sprague Street, with most of the nightlife running from there to North Alder

.6th-ave-business-district The Sixth Avenue Business District is a lively area with restaurants, bars, clubs and locally owned, very eclectic businesses.  Here you will find some of the best and most popular breakfast spots in Tacoma, including Shakabrah and the Old Milwaukee Cafe.
This is a great video by the City of Tacoma about all the great shops, restaurants and businesses on the Ave.

Engine House 9 is a great pub that brews its own beer.  Originally a firehouse, it was converted to a tavern in 1975 and is registered as a Historic Landmark. The Engine House has been serving lunch and dinner for years and is now serving breakfast on the weekends.


Engine House #9

There are some terrific restaurants on the Ave.,  including  Primo Grill and Asado. an Argentine themed steak house.  And if  “music”  is your thing, don’t miss Jazzbones.  If you live in this district you can go shopping, have a drink, grab a bite to eat and hit the clubs, all without a car!

Living in Tacoma:  Community Events

Art on the Ave is held in July, is a festival for art and music lovers!  Spanning 8 blocks with over 100 artists and vendors, this event attracts over 10,000 people and is the largest free art festival in Tacoma.

All About Tacoma Real Estate:

The Ave. is a very diverse, walkable and affordable neighborhood with access to great public transportation.  Each year this area becomes more gentrified, including the area across 6th Avenue, whose addresses include a South in front of the street name.

Here are the statistics on the 6th Ave BUSINESS DISTRICT AND DEMOGRAPHICS

Three Homes in the 6th Ave. District

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