West End of Tacoma

The West End is a big neighborhood, and includes the entire West Slope of Tacoma from Point Defiance to below 19th Street. On the east side it includes the waterfront, then the boundary jogs west at North 46th to Orchard Street. The boundary then continues down Huson until Sixth Avenue where it runs west to State Route 16, which it follows south until South 19th Street

west End

West Tacoma includes all or part of the following neighborhoods, Highlands, Narrows, Titlow Park, Salmon Beach, Narrowmoor in the West Slope and Westgate. Some of the popular attractions in West End of Tacoma are exploring Titlow Park, walking or biking on the Narrows Bridge, China Lake Park, Highlands Golf Course and the many activities at Point Defiance Park. The West End area of Tacoma has more than 28,000 residents in this newer residential neighborhood. The business areas are found along Pearl Street, Mildred and 6th Avenue. This area of Tacoma has some of the most spectacular views as the West Side gradually slopes toward Puget Sound. Sloping toward the northeast, the northern portion of the West End has magnificent views of Seattle and Vashon Island. Because much of the area is along the Puget Sound shoreline, there are many natural areas where deer and wildlife abound and creeks extend up into the neighborhoods.

Community Events:  The West End has a Neighborhood Council and a Neighborhood Coalition.


Encompassing the Narrows Business District, here are statistics and Demographics

west end council

Narrowmoor's homes were predominately built in the 1950's

Narrowmoor’s homes were predominately built in the 1950’s

Salmon Beach, prime waterfront in the city

Salmon Beach, prime waterfront in the city