North Slope Historic District

imageshistoric plaqueThe North Slope Historic District (NSHD) is one of  Washington State’s largest historic districts, with 228 acres and over 950 homes. The  North Slope Self Guided Walking Tour is a great way to see and learn about this neighborhood.

There were three building booms within the district: 1888 to 1893, 1902 to 1915, and 1919 to 1929. Nearly 80 percent of the homes in the NSHD were built prior to 1930.  These 3 building phases have resulted in a neighborhood of very distinctive home styles.

Originally part of Tacoma’s founder, Job Carr’s 166 acre farm, this area was known as Job Carr’s Hill and in the late 1880’s became the premier residential neighborhood in Tacoma. By the 1900’s, Washington State Governor Ernest Lister, the Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the House all lived in the North Slope!

Between 1919 and 1929 several large plots were divided and sold, and another 120 homes were added to the district.  These homes were modest compared to the homes previously built, reflecting a mix of Tudor, Cape Cods and Craftsman bungalows.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s, large mansions were divided into apartments or torn down to make room for six and twelve-plexes.  The North Slope residents saw their neighborhood under siege and found a way to fight back the destruction of their district.

northslope2008Starting in 1995, with final zoning changes  adopted in 2006, the North Slope slowly became the historical district it is today. Check out their website:

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This is a neighborhood where folks get involved.  The NSHD has a neighborhood watch group and its own neighborhood council that supports several committees.  Their newsletter, The Trolley Times, is published quarterly and hand delivered to every residence!

North Slope Park at the corner of North 8th and K St., was established by the neighborhood and is still maintained by volunteers.  Fondly referred to as “Valerie’s Park”, it is dedicated to Valerie Sivinski, who helped guide the creation of the North Slope Historic District.

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Studies indicate that homes in a historic district often have higher property values and rates of appreciation.  When it comes to remodeling, here is what can and cannot be done in the North Slope Historic District.

 Three historic homes in the North Slope

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