Old Town

Old Town is where Tacoma got its start!  Job Carr, Tacoma’s most noted founding father, arrived here in 1864.  The Job Carr Cabin Museum, located in Old Town Park, is where you can marvel at Tacoma’s early history.  The museum and local businesses can provide you with a copy of the Old Town Walking Tour, featuring addresses and original photos of historic places.  This tour map also marks the Old Town Commemorative Plaques.  Embedded in the sidewalk along North 30th Street, these plaques honor the achievements of notable Tacoma women.

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Located on North 30th Street, between Garfield Road and North Carr, while spanning the waterfront on Ruston Way, Old Town has some of Tacoma’s oldest buildings, including Tacoma’s oldest saloon, the Spar Tavern and Tacoma’s oldest church, Old St. Peter’s. Here you will find spectacular views of Commencement Bay and Mount Rainer, cobblestone streets, and the best waterfront walk in Tacoma.
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There is a small but vibrant business district that features everything from a Starbucks to a chiropractic clinic.  Popular restaurants include Cafe Divino and the landmark  Harbor Lights on Ruston Way.

Living in Tacoma:  Community Events

856957d86541107196439edb820da0d7Old Town BluesHome to the Old Town Blues Festival and a Classical Tuesday’s  concert series held in Old Town park and the Slavonian Hall, Old Town is a music lovers delight.

HomeBullet-FFFreedom fairTacoma’s Freedom Fair is celebrated here on the 4th of July.  Spanning Ruston Way, this event attracts over 125,000 people for a spectacular day of fireworks, music and fun.  With an air show, the International Market Place, featuring over 100 arts and crafts vendors, to the International Food Court, serving everything from yakisoba noodles to quesadillas, this is the place to be on the 4th. And when the sun goes down, the Northwest’s biggest fireworks show over Puget Sound will knock your socks off!  The Freedom Fair

All About Tacoma Real Estate


With both partial and panoramic views of Commencement Bay, prices of homes and condominiums here range in the $300,000 to $500.000, or more, price range.

Two homes in Old Town

old TownOld Town