Old Town Commemorative Plaques Are A Mystery

o6DThere are 10 plaques in the sidewalks along North 30th Street in Old Town.  These plaques honor women who have enriched Tacoma’s history and before last month, I had never seen them. Having lived above Old Town for over 30 years, I was more than surprised to find these plaques plainly embedded for all to see. I have shared the plaque photos of Thea Foss and Bertha Denton Snell on Facebook. I have learned that in 1998, the class on Women in Art History of Annie Wright researched and wrote the women’s stories, but I cannot find out how long the plaques have been there, who designed and made them, why these women were picked and who spearheaded the project.  I love history and I am curious.  What does anyone know about these plaques?