Before You Put Your Home on The Market

Thinking about selling your home?  Here a 5 things to do before the for sale sign goes in the front yard.

1.  Be proactive and get a pre-inspection.  The home inspector will be able to  spot areas that stand out to potential buyers as problems.  With a pre-inspection, you will be able to make repairs or understand your need to, before the home is on the market.

2.  Organize and clean.  Get rid of the clutter, pack up your least used items, clothes you are not wearing, toys, and family portraits.  Store items off site or in boxes that are neatly stacked in the garage.  Clean, clean and clean.  Windows, carpets, walls and light fixtures. A fresh coat of paint can work magic.

3.  Maximize your curb appeal.  Drive by your own house.  What do you see?  Does your lawn and landscaping look  cared for and tidy?  Could you use some bright flowers or plants to frame the entrance?  Is your front door clean and the entry welcoming?

4.  Find your warranties.   Get all your manuals, warranties and guarantees for the furnace, appliances and any other items that will remain with the house.  Putting them in a basket in the kitchen will give your potential buyer peace of mind.

5.  Get replacement estimates.  Do you have big ticket items that are worn out?  An unusual color of carpet?  Get estimates for  these items, even if you don’t plan on replacing them. The figures will help buyers determine if they can afford the home, and will be handy when negotiations begin.


As a Seller, Should You Get a Home Inspection?

downloadhome inspectionAs a seller, you need to know that nearly every buyer that makes an offer on your home, will make their offer contingent on a professional home inspection, that is satisfactory to them.

Having a home inspection prior to listing your home offers many benefits.  First, it identifies any major problems that could scare off a potential buyer, even if you are willing to fix the problem. Remember, the home inspection must be satisfactory to the buyer!  If you repair these problems, before you list your property, they become a non-issue.

Secondly, if you are unwilling or cannot make repairs, you can have the work bid, and price your home accordingly.  You will be in a better position to negotiate with the buyer, when you know what is wrong, disclose it to the buyer and know what the cost is to repair the problem.

You will have time to get bids.  Usually the home inspection contingency calls for you to respond to the buyers request for repairs in a short amount of time.  If you have already had your home inspected, you will have had time to get several bids for the repairs. This will give you a better idea of your net proceeds, so you can budget for your upcoming move or purchase of your new home.